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Validation of Ads

Started by successline 2021-04-06 at 16:42
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I have been doing PTC for years . when I started they actually paid 1cent per ad. But the industry is going down the tubes with this validation thing. I just did a little test. I completed 5 ads valued at .0001 cents each but it took me 18 minutes because of the new validaton process counted 62 bicycles I had to click on to get 1 ad approved, another one took me through pages because I missed the edge of a car parked behind a tree etc etc.
In the 10 years I have been doing PTC I have never cheated in any way but I am also sure the cheats will find some way around your and others use of this validation thing.
For me I am just going to be very careful what sites I use and will be very selective about those who are so paranoid they think the whole world will cheat them for .0001 cents.

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