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Bitcoin and Payza Add Funds Promo
Published on 08-08-2017

Dear Members,

It is the next part of the celebration days. We are about to share the profit with you if you make a purchase on the site by using the BTC or the Payza processor. Actually, the processors will be separated into 2.

The BTC and BBC revolutionary act has taken place on the 1st of August when the BBC coin was born. I think that the usage of the BTC powers for the fork and the BBC creation was about to happen soon or later. In order to mark this special event, I have decided to run add funds promotion in Cliquebook and Cliquesteria. Also, the BTC option will be enabled for cash outs again. The transaction fee is still high but I believe it will be compensated by the great rate of the BTC value. We can all see that after the Fork event, the price of the BTC raised to 3500$, which was expected. But no more talk and let us get back to the deal:

Bitcoin Deposits:

-5$ - 19.99$ - 5% cash back in PB +2 Rented Referrals;
-20$ - 29.99$ - 6% cash back in PB +5 Rented Referrals;
-30$ - 39.99$ - 7% cash back in PB +10 Rented Referrals;
-40$ - 59.99$ - 8% cash back in PB +15 Rented Referrals;
-60$ - 89.99$ - 9% cash back in PB +20 Rented Referrals;
-90$ - 109.99$ -10% cash back in PB +25 Rented Referrals;
-110 -499.99$ - 11% cash back in PB +50 Rented Referrals;
-500$+ - 12.5% cash back in PB + 1 Rented Referral for every 10$ Deposited. Example: If you deposit 500$, you will get 62.5$ cash back in PB + 50 Rented Referrals.

Payza Add Funds:

-20$ -49.99$ - 5% Cash Back to PB
-50$ -99.99$ - 6% Cash Back to PB
-100$- 249.99$ - 7.5% Cash Back to PB
-250$- 999.99$ -10% Cash Back to PB
-1000$+ - 12.5% Cash Back to PB

The Cash Back is eligible automatically and it will appear in your PB within 0-48 hours after the deposit. Please do not open support tickets to claim the bonus! 

These Promo Days are valid for a week or so, minimum a week! Right after their end, I will start the last promotions which are a part of our 1 Million members celebrations! The Next Promo will be for:

- Internal Transfers from Main to Purchase Balance
- Advertising Promotions i.e. banners, fixed ads, ptsu, grid and ptc credits.

I hope you enjoy the summer and the promos in the Clique Media Sites! 

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