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Published on 15-07-2023


As of today all the payments for the Standard members and the Cheapest Upgrade members in all 3 websites Cliquebook, Cliquesteria, and Uniclique are with 0 withdrawal fees and the minimum amount you may get paid is only 0.20$. No more big requirements, no more fees. Soon these will be available for all the upgrades and for Gpthub as well. 


More news to come! 


Hello Members, 


Some of you may have noticed that 10 more Offerwalls were added to the sites, they have tons of PTC ads, Shorteners ads, Videos to Watch, etc. This way you may earn and stay with Cliquesteria to earn and enjoy. I also lowered the price of the ads, this way everyone may afford to promote his favorite link for as low as 0.05$ a day. 


In the upcoming days, I will redesign the pages a lil bit, and remove some of the unfunctional pages, so you may enjoy a simple and neat website. 


Your Admin

Clique Media Group of Websites Heading to the Future
Published on 22-06-2023

Dear Members, 


As you know the world lived through very complicated times in the last 3 years, I speak about Covid and the following financial crisis that we are still recovering from. During such times many companies did not manage to function normally. 


Clique Media Group of websites also suffered a loss of advertisers, clients, investors, and members. I have tried not to lower the earnings of the ads but it seems it solved the problem partially. It is why I am planning to bring the sites to a new niche where the members may earn more, not by investing, but by watching videos and doing simple tasks. I am implementing 10+ new Offerwalls and Game platforms, where you may earn or simply enjoy your free time. Until the financial situation is not stable, I do not plan to pay attention to the other aspects of the sites. They will keep working as always but I will not modernize a few of the old systems. So we are heading to a new course where you will see many new things on the sites, and it is completely up to you to keep supporting the Media. No need to invest to earn, this is as usual. 


I will make another announcement once all the new tools are coded and ready to serve you.  Clique Media is here to stay, we are not going anywhere, but directly to the top. I may also bring some of the old payment options back, i.e. Skrill and Neteller, even Sepa transfers. I will lower the cash-out limits so everyone may cash out whenever he/she wants. 


All the best! 

Published on 24-11-2022

Black Friday Promo


Starting today 24.11.2022, until 29.11.2022 ( 23:59h server time), all the sites: Cliquebook, Cliquesteria, Uniclique, and Gpthub; that belong to Cliquebook Media 2015-2022, are all included in the Black Friday Promo Days. The promotion is cash back automatically to your purchase balance, the more your deposit is, the more your cashback will be.  The ratios are:


1$-9.99$  ---> 2% cashback

10.00$ - 49.99$ ---> 3% cashback

50$- 99.99$  ---> 5% cashback

100$ -249.99$  ---> 6% cashback

250$- 499.99$  ---> 8% cashback

500$ + --->  10% cashback


The processors included in the Promo Days are Perfect Money, Payeer, Airtm, Faucetpay, Coinpayments, and Advcash 

For crypto deposits, you gonna receive an additional reward of 10 rented referrals + 2$ for every 100$ deposit. If your deposit is 500$, for example,  you shall receive 50$ cashback + 50RRs + 10$ Additional reward. The additional reward is eligible after opening a support ticket and mentioning your deposit and username. The general cashback, however, is working automatically, and you do not need to open a support ticket for it. 


For questions, or problems of any kind, you know what to do, simply open a support ticket. I answer tickets only in English, and disregard tickets about Account suspension, referral activity, or any other advice. I am not a financial adviser, and I may not give you any financial advice on your money. Be acknowledged that all the funds invested are non-refundable, but it is safe as long as the payment processors work normally For more information, you may read our Terms of Service page. 


Happy Spending! 



Black Friday + Minutestaff Offerwall Is Back
Published on 21-11-2022

You may find it on the Offerwalls Page as usual.


For Black Friday we will have CASHBACK promo, I will announce the details soon. It will start most like on Thursday, and it will be until Monday next. 

Cash Back Promo From the 2nd of Sept.
Published on 01-09-2022

Dear Members, 


From tomorrow, I am starting the famous Deposit Bonus Promotion where you earn cash in your Purchase Balance every time you deposit more than 0.99$ The bonus cash is as follows:


1. For deposits between 0.99$ - 99.99$   ---->>> 5% more cash into your purchase balance


2. For deposits between 100$+  --->>> 10% more cash into your purchase balance. 


The Promotion is valid for 7 days sharply. 



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