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Summertime Competitions

Started by Admin 2019-07-23 at 23:46
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Dear members,

It is hot outside, only the sun is shining in the sky, no clouds, no rain, it is hot even inside. You not feeling much working, it is just the time that drives you to do nothing but relax and drink another dose of mohito If you feel the same way, then everything is fine. July is really a lazy month, everyone is spending a nice time on vacation, and almost noone is there at the office....

For the members who want some change and something new, I think to start a few nice contests here and on Cliquesteria and Uniclique. I was wondering, will you enjoy an Offerwall Contest and a Bonus Ads Contest? I think these 2 types will be the most famous among the members, so you get prepared. Every point counts, the one who accumulates the most points, will get some cash reward from me. Or it can be also something else, some nice bonuses for your accounts.....

It is just to let you know that I plan soon starting some nice contests, and I might add some nice Games Competition as well. Everyone who is interested, you have a few days to get prepared
My referral link is:

Register and meet the following requirements:
-Must be verified Airtm users
- Must complete a minimum of (3) transactions, (value of $5)
- Must cash out a minimum of $5 from PTC

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