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New Grid Game and TaskList Updated

Started by Admin 2019-02-10 at 22:27
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I wanted to stop by and update you with some news about Cliquesteria, Cliquebook, Uniclique and GptHub:

1. Today we have installed a new modification of the Grid game and you can now earn CASH AND GRID CREDITS WITH EVERY GRID VIEW.

1 Grid Ad gives you 0.25 Grid credits plus 0.0001$. The Grid credits can be used to set up new Grid ads and promote your favorite page.

2. The tasklist bonus is 2.5 cents and we have added to it the requirement of 20 Grid views, this way, we all will stimulate the Grid views and bring up the CTR of the Grid.

3. Minutestaff Offerwall is not working for 3 days - I do not have any news about it, but I will not delete it from the site. I hope they will come back shortly. I will keep you informed.

4. Neteller minimum cash out request is 5$ NET. If you cash our less than this, the amount will not be paid but refunded to your balance. I am repeating this because some members cashout amounts less than 5 dollars and Neteller does not allow transfers for amounts less than 5 dollars. I cannot process such payments due to technical reasons, not that I do not want to.

5. The Standard members and the noninvestors - try to be active before cashing out. You also watch Bonus ads and Offerwall ads too, because this is a positive when I check your pending cashouts. When I see that you have watched Bonus ads and Offerwall ads, then I am not checking your accounts deeper and you get paid faster. In case you do not watch the Bonus ads and the Offerwall ads, I need to check your accounts to be verified, and whether you use proxy and auto clicker. It is quite easy to catch the auto clickers as they simply cannot work with the bonus ads. So, if you want to get paid fast and always on time, then you know what to do.

The bonus ads and the offerwall ads are the most important features because they help me monetize your actions, I get paid and this way I can pay to you too. It is a mutual process and it will be best if you are involved in this process.

6. There is still a delay with the support tickets responding time. I was ill for 2 weeks and many tickets remained unanswered. I am deeply sorry for this, I will do my best to reply to everyone soon.

7. We now work with BeerMoneyForum, a very nice forum where you may find very useful info about new sites and ways to earn and work online. Do not miss out to register and post your payments there. I will soon come up with more info about BMF.

8. The Traffic Exchange (TE) Option in Cliquebook and Uniclique will be removed soon. This add on is outdated and there are no recent updates and support for it. It has already started giving many glitches and I have no other choice but delete it. I will search for a new TE add on and If I like something new, I will install it.

9. Cliquebook and Uniclique have SSL certificates but they run without HTTPS at the moment because the Traffic Exchange Add on did not allow it. Once I remove the TE, I will include the HTTPS, so we have all the certificates necessary for a normal functioning of the sites. You all know how important is that. Cliquesteria and Gpthub donot have TE and they run under HTTPS since their start. However, all the sites have their SSL certificates and they function fully protected.

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Thanks for your nice update. Though I have most recently joined your group, but i find it the best group among the PTC Sites.. But the main problem is CAPTCHA, and I am continuously missing your bonus ads, because it is not connected, in spite of my repeated trials. If you solve this issue, then it will be much beneficial.
Another thing, my Account is suspended with CLICQUEBOOK, the reason unknown, can you check out this one.?
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Hello admin,
Thank you for this updates.
You have suspended my two Accounts uniclique and cliquebook, the reason unknown,and you don't reply to my support tickets,please can you check out again,my username uniclique is jameleljamil and my username cliquebook is eljamiljamel1.
Thank you very much.
I'm an active member since more than 2 years
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Got It
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very nice

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