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Cashout points- Request.

Started by Neni89 2020-08-17 at 20:58
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Hello dear admin,
I have a request.
I see that the minimum withdrawal with skrill is $ 5, in other words - I need at least 5000 cashout points. my request is can you create an option through which the users have the right to buy at least a maximum of 2000 points valid per every month and the rest that we need to depend on us by solving offers and tasks. I know that I will make this $ 5 maybe more..but I will not be able to accumulate 5000+ cashout points .. and I will have to transfer part of my money to Purchase balance .. in order to be able to cashout. Of course the prise will be Less than 2$ for 2000 points. (I ask because soon i will return to srandard membership)☆
Also I have question for those who use skrill...On August 4th i withdrawal via skrill. today is august 18th .. but the money is still not in my bank. I opened a ticket on August 13 and I still don't have an answer from skrill. ?!?
which is very strange. has anyone had the same problem recently? I called them, but
no one answered .. I will try again today. :| . My account is 100% verified. and so far
I have not had any problems with them. I have not broken any rules, be careful.
I called to my local bank.. the problem isn't with them.
Any info will be useful and appreciated
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Hey Neni,

Please contact me with a support ticket, you know we shall fix every problem that you might be having.

P.S. You have stopped reaching me out with the support system.

My referral link is:

Register and meet the following requirements:
-Must be verified Airtm users
- Must complete a minimum of (3) transactions, (value of $5)
- Must cash out a minimum of $5 from PTC

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